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STAY SAFE EVERYONE - as a famous Doctor once stated …." It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It"

I am available for a talk if you would like to ring me and talk about the future !! 


If you're looking at this page then you're looking for a quality Dog Walking/Pet & Property  Sitting Service ? A 'home-instead' pet care service? …….. well .. look no further !
My name is Cathy Griffin.  Many people will know me as 'The Dog Warden'  formerly working for Plymouth City Council.

I started 'Warden's Walkies' after leaving local government after over 28  years in Public Service.

As well as a former Dog Warden I was employed as a Police Officer, an Environmental Health Law Enforcement Officer and an Animal Health & Welfare Officer. 

Warden's Walkies is about the dogs I walk, the cats I Cuddle, the fish & birds I feed and you as the valued customer. You will all be my focus for top quality Customer Care. I will endeavour to fulfil you and your pets wishes, where you would prefer me to walk your dogs ? Towel dried after a walk ? radio on ? When should I visit your pets at your home during your absence?            I shall see to their care and comfort as though they were my own. 

I shall walk a maximum of 3 dogs at a time , only if they are friendly and happy together.

All dogs will be walked on leads, to begin with until I'm happy in the knowledge that I have your dogs' trust &  recall skills under control - they will be free to roam.

Whilst with your dogs I shall carry a First Aid kit and telephone with me at all times. I am not a vet, should the unexpected happen, I shall administer the necessary First Aid and make my way, with haste, to the vets.
My vehicle is insured to carry animals, I can transport your animals to the vet / groomers / hydrotherapy sessions if required. You can rest assured that they'll never miss an appointment.

Whilst property sitting  & /or attending  to your animals, I can administer the 'home-instead' care and routine your pet will feel comfortable with; I can water plants / open and close curtains / gather post away from the front door / put bins out for collection days, making your property looking  occupied, giving you piece of mind whilst away from home.

My aim and satisfaction in delivering my service to you will be measured in how your cats will meow and tail twitch with pleasure, your birds will trill and shake their feathers with delight and your fish will bubble with … umm … anticipation …. if they can remember me!

I may even get a nose twitch from your rabbit, guinea pig or hamster … who knows. 

AAWhat our clients say

Friendly, reliable and our dog loves her : Sam

Lovely Friendly lady have known for a few years now. she has known my dogs for the same they love her so much so excited when they see her : Gemma

Known her for years, lovesanimals, is very caring and trustworthy. : Malcolm

Very friendly, lovely lady my dog loves walkies with her : Tommy

Why Wardens Walkies

 I will listen to you and follow your instructions as to what exactly you want me to do - as long it is legal and not harmful to the animal - whilst I am looking after your pet - your loved one I hold the required qualifications, I Am Trustworthy with DBS clearance and hold the relevant Insurance coverages and I have the enthusiastic personality, along with the motivation and ability to carry out the duties required to make an excellent service provider for you. 
I consider my people skills, work experience on the public's front line and knowledge, my excellent oral and written communications and listening attributes good transferable skills to take from my past public servant role into my newly acquired  growing business. - I have exceptional customer skills and I work with discretion, sensitivity and maintain complete confidentiality at all times. I am able to match my communication style to my audience.
I am dementia aware  as well as a Dog and Human first aider. 


07474 887897

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